Social inclusion and social solidarity programmes

GNK DINAMO activities to date

  • As part of the “Be a true fan – support fair play” campaign, a picture book and coloring book for children were designed
  • The picture book and coloring book for children in the lower grades of primary school include the story of a charming company that goes to a Dinamo match at the Maksimir Stadium, and at the same time promotes positive behavior and fair, correct and sports cheering.
  • The heroes of the picture book are girls Lea, Ivka and Anja, and boys Marko, Luka and Juraj who, after the match and winning the champion title, thanks to their positive behavior and sports cheering, get the opportunity to meet the Dinamo captain and their idol.
  • At the end of the picture book and coloring book, children can learn more about the basic principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, such as humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality.
  • The picture book and coloring book can be downloaded in digital format from the website
  1. Implementation of independent charity campaigns of GNK Dinamo
  2. Participation in national and local healthcare or charity campaigns
  • Blue Star Day – the fight against colon cancer
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month – marking the campaign on digital channels International
  • Day of Missing Children – participation in the ECA’s international digital campaign
  • International Football and Friendship Day
  • International Heart Day – raising awareness of the importance of heart health
  • Oživi me (Revive me) campaign – player participation in the educational campaign
  • European Sports Week – sports activities and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • RTL helps children – donation
  • Donation of two ambulances to the Croatian healthcare system during the coronavirus epidemic
  1. Participation in international campaigns (UEFA, ECA, FARE, CAFE)
  • UEFA – participation in the #equalgame and #notoracism campaign every year, with the aim of combating racism and discrimination
  • FARE – participation in action weeks aimed at promoting the fight against racism #footballpeople
  • CAFE – participation in the action week #totalaccess “CAFE Week of action” #totalaccess
  • EFDN – participation in action weeks “More than football” with the aim of promoting football and the opportunities that football provides regardless of the differences in the society #morethanfootball
  • ECA – reporting on socially responsible projects, participating in the campaign on the occasion of the International Day of Missing Children and submitting the annual report on the club’s activities
  • CFF – participation in socially responsible projects organized by the Croatian Football Federation


  • In 2019, in cooperation with the Croatian Red Cross, GNK Dinamo launched the ”Be a true fan – support fair play” campaign
  • Goals: prevention of the use of pyrotechnics, racism, discrimination and hate speech at football matches
  • Promotion of positive behavior and cheering, as well as the fight for equality and diversity
  • Chairty aspect – for each match in which Dinamo is not fined by the competent football authorities (UEFA and CFF), the club allocates a certain amount: HRK 10,000.00 for domestic competition matches and EUR 5,000 for UEFA matches.
  • at the end of the first part of the season, HRK 218,000.00 was allocated, and the amounts were donated to several organizations:

1. Association of St. Vinko Paulski in the Republic of Croatia / Conference of St. Luise de Marillac in Zagreb – care for the homeless and the installation of a heating system in the charity kitchen in Zagreb

2. Center for education and counseling Sunce – program of sports and fair behavior promotion in children with developmental disabilities

3. Maštara Association – a project to promote nonviolence among children through the development of nonviolent communication

4. Zvončići Association for Children with Developmental Disabilities – a program to prevent violence among children and youth with a focus on children with developmental disabilities

5. Croatian Association of the Blind – a project of a children’s camp for tolerance and prevention of violence with a focus on blind and partially sighted children

6. Ozana Association – a program for the acquisition of knowledge and skills outside the regular educational system, and the promotion of equality, solidarity and
social inclusion of disabled people

7. Jesuit Refugee Service in the Republic of Croatia – a children’s play project that promotes tolerance and acceptance of national, gender, racial, ethnic and other differences

  • At the end of the second part of the season, HRK 48,000.00 was allocated, and this amount will be donated to one or more associations in the upcoming period
  • Since 2012, the club has been running a campaign to fight against racism and discrimination
  • The project includes players of Dinamo’s first and second team, Dinamo’s football school, Dinamo women’s football club, other Zagreb clubs and/or individual athletes
  • The aim of the project is to promote equality and diversity
    2014 – video story with the players from the first team and the football school – nationality, skin color, language
    2015 – players from the first team and children from the open school – nationality, skin color, language
    2016 – players from Dinamo’s first team and players from Dinamo women’s football club
    2017 – players from the first team at the practice of children from the open school
    2019 – football match of Dinamo’s players and the representatives of the Croatian Red Cross – nationality, skin color, language
  • For this project, CFC Dinamo was included in the top 3 sports organizations at the European level by the Peace and Sport organization under the patronage of Prince Albert of Monaco
  • Long-term implementation of a part of the campaign “NO TO VIOLENCE! NO TO RACISM!” at home matches of CFC Dinamo by displaying the campaign’s message on the screens and the scoreboard
  • A long-term project that allows children from various associations to go out on the field with the players before the game – players’ companions program