Zagreb, 180521.
Predaja paketa zahvale Dinamove zaklade igracima.
Foto: Neja Markicevic / CROPIX

Dinamo players – friends of the foundation

After the end of the 2020/21 season, one of the most successful in the history of GNK Dinamo, the players of the first team led by captain Arijan Ademi officially became friends of the GNK Foundation “Nema predaje”. In January this year, the players donated money to the fundraising campaign to help the residents of […]

Zagreb, 13.04.2021 - Rudi Belin posjetio nogometase Dinama na treningu

Donation for Rudi Belin

One of the best players in the history of GNK Dinamo, Rudolf Belin, visited the Dinamo’s team in the last training session before the trip to Spain. With a celebratory raised hand, with a wide smile and strong optimism, Belin expressed full support to his successors and gave a short encouraging speech in which he […]


The foundation helps the village Pecki

At the end of December, the Foundation ‘’Nema predaje’’ launched a fundraising campaign to help residents of the earthquake-hit area in Banovina. Through donations from fans and supporters of the official Dinamo’s Foundation, the football club GNK Dinamo, head coach Zoran Mamić, first team players and professional staff, club employees and other partners, a total […]

03.11.2020.,  Zagreb, stadion Maksimir  - GNK Dinamo Zagreb svecano je otvorio rad zaklade Nema predaje.
Photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL

A thank you to supporters and donors

GNK Dinamo Foundation ‘’Nema predaje’’ hereby sends its sincere thanks to all donors and supporters who have supported the Dinamo’s Foundation with their donations so far! We also thank the media that followed our work in the past period. We send our thanks to all those who recognized the mission and vision of the Foundation, […]


Fundraising campaign for residents of Banovina

The fundraising campaign of the Foundation ‘’Nema predaje’’ and the collection of donations for the residents of the areas affected by the devastating earthquake are still ongoing. After the announcement of the information about the launch of the campaign, the Dinamo’s Foundation received a number of payments from fans, players and professional staff, citizens, partners […]


Happy new year

GNK Dinamo Foundation ‘’Nema predaje’’ wishes all donors and supporters, fans, citizens, partners and friends a happy New Year and lots of health, success and happiness in 2021!  


Donations for earthquake-affected areas

In the coming days, the Foundation ‘’Nema predaje’’ will organize several campaigns to deliver the most needed items (aggregates, construction materials, hygiene supplies, food, water…) to the people affected by the devastating earthquake. A magnitude 6.2 earthquake that has hit Croatia, as well as a series of subsequent weaker earthquakes, caused the most severe damage […]


Christmas wishes

GNK Dinamo Foundation ‘’Nema predaje’’ wishes all donors, supporters and friends of the Foundation a merry and blessed Christmas with lots of peace, health and love.