GNK Dinamo Foundation Nema predaje is the official foundation of the GNK Dinamo Zagreb.

As the most trophy-winning Croatian football club that has achieved numerous successes at the national and European level in recent decades, GNK Dinamo has been implementing numerous socially responsible projects at the local community level for many years.

In 2020, the GNK Dinamo Foundation Nema predaje was established, which aims to bring football closer to everyone through programmes and activities, as well as to use all the opportunities that football provides to players, coaches, employees, fans, members, trustees, club legends, socially vulnerable groups and the entire local community



The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the development of football by providing support to young and talented footballers, former players, fans, members that are supporters, and providing assistance to people with social, health, humanitarian and other needs based on the principles of social solidarity.



  • Charity activities
  • Financial and other assistance to socially disadvantaged individuals
  • Promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle
  • Integration of people with disabilities into football and society
  • Combating stereotypes and discrimination on any grounds
  • Promotion of equality
  • Activities of importance for the club and the local community

By establishing the Foundation, GNK Dinamo has shown, above all, an awareness of its role in society and football, both in Croatia and in the region. The establishment of the Foundation is just a step up in socially responsible business operations and the path that the club has been on for years.



Foundation CEO

Vlatka Peras, mag. ing. traff.


Board of Trustees

President of the Board of Trustees Iva Cigrovskij

Member of the Board of Trustees Darko Podnar

Member of the Board of Trustees Ivan Kelava

Member of the Board of Trustees Anđelko Ivanjko

Member of the Board of Trustees Damir Najmenik



GNK Dinamo is the most trophy-winning Croatian football club with a large number of fans in Croatia, the region and Europe. The Croatian champion with a total of 66 trophies, of which 34 are national champion titles, is also a club that continuously participates in UEFA competitions. The club is a champion in many ways off the football field as well, especially in regard to numerous awards that it has received for working on socially responsible activities and programmes aimed at promoting human values, diversity, equality and positive sports values.

Football has to be accessible to everyone and football knows no differences. It is intended for everyone, and the mission of the Never Surrender Foundation is to make the public aware of the position of football clubs in society and of the positive changes that these clubs can initiate at the local or national level.

Through its work and activities on an annual basis, the Foundation ensures that the public, the media and fans are informed about all activities, projects and the fulfillment of set goals.

Raising awareness of the importance of the responsibility that each individual and organization has towards society is essential in the work of any foundation.