05.04.2024., Zagreb - Ivan Kelava i Sandro Kulenovic na radionici na temu miroljubivosti, fair playa i jednakosti u organizaciji zaklade Dinamo Nema predaje povodom medjunarodnog dana sporta za razvoj i mir.

Day of Sport for Development and Peace

The Nema Predaje Foundation, together with the Dinamo Football School, is also celebrating the action weeks “More than football” organized by the international network of football clubs and organizations EFDN. On the occasion of the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace, which is celebrated every year on April 6, at the Maksimir Stadium, a short meeting with young players from the football school and a lecture on the topic of promoting peace through sports were organized.

Member of the board of directors of the Nema Predaje Foundation and goalkeeper coach of U-17 team, Ivan Kelava, and Dinamo first team player Sandro Kulenović talked to the young players about fair play, peacefulness, solidarity and respect for everyone. A short workshop and gathering with a thematic discussion were held after the training of young players at Maksimir, and in a pleasant environment, Kelava and Kulenović told their personal sports stories and what their football journey looked like from a young age in Dinamo’s football school to their greatest success – playing for the first Dinamo team, important foreign experience and current stay in the favorite club.

The United Nations has declared April 6 as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace to honor the contribution of sport and physical activity in the following areas: education, human development, a peaceful world and a healthy lifestyle.

This year’s global theme is “Sports to promote peaceful and inclusive societies”, where inclusiveness generally includes the availability of education and sports for all, ensuring equal opportunities for all, caring for vulnerable and minority groups, promoting diversity. In short – an environment where all aspects of diversity are welcome. Because of its positive values, sport is increasingly recognized and used as an excellent tool in humanitarian action and in the promotion of peace. We systematically promote positive behavior and positive social values ​​through first team players and football schools. As role models, athletes play a very important role in leading social changes in society through sports, and with their behavior and example, they can inspire children and young people in many things, including in this area.

This theme was chosen this year by the United Nations as the urgent need for a culture of peace as the world faces geopolitical instability.

At the Foundation Nema predaje we strive for greater inclusiveness in football, but also in society in general, precisely in order to contribute to the creation of a more equal society for all individuals and groups. Through our actions, we always emphasize equality, tolerance, peace, equality and respect for everyone, which is the basis for creating a peaceful and inclusive society in general.