Donation for ”Mali prvaci” sports school

In a series of previously held donations of our foundation, which receives requests from organizations and associations throughout the year, and in accordance with the criteria of individual areas of work in which we operate, this time at the Maksimir stadium we hosted representatives of the “Little Champions” (Mali prvaci) Universal Sports School.

The school based in Dugo Selo conducts sports for children aged 3 to 7 years in educational institutions and outside them. The plan and program has been verified by the Ministry of Education and only kinesiologists work with the children. Sport is carried out as part of this program in Vrbovac, Dugi Selo, Municipality of Rugvica, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Ivanić Grad, Novska, Gradec, Sv. Ivan Žabno, the Municipality of Farkaševac and the Municipality of Križ, and the number of participants is more than 200 girls and boys.

In the VIP lounge at the Maksimir stadium, the CEO of the Nema Predaje Foundation and the president of the Dinamo board, Vlatka Peras, and the members of the foundation’s board of directors, Anđelko Ivanjko and Ivan Kelava, hosted the representatives of the school “Mali prvaci”, headed by director Josip Perić. In a pleasant conversation and interesting sports topics, a short meeting was held, ideas were exchanged about future cooperation, and the donation of our foundation in the amount of 2,500.00 euros was handed over. The purpose of the donated funds is for the purchase of sports equipment and props and for the implementation of sports activities and tournaments for children.

The goal of the sports school is to enable every child to play sports, and this is precisely the main reason why the Nema Predaje Foundation decided to provide support in its area of ​​work supporting young athletes. Especially if we highlight the fact that this sports school provides free training to a certain number of children, in accordance with their family situations, while some children pay only half the membership fee as a benefit in accordance with the given criteria.

The sports in which children participate are basketball, football, handball, volleyball, tennis, golf, archery, badminton, rollerblading, cycling, hiking, swimming, skating, gymnastics, athletics, and the emphasis of all sports is primarily on motor skills.

Also, the mission of the Children’s Universal School of Sports is to promote various sports among children, improve the child’s health status, and guide children as they grow up.

Foto: Pixsell