24.03.2024., Zagreb - Djeca iz SOS Djeceg sela Lekenik posjetila su igraonicu Igrandia u organizaciji Zaklade Nema predaje.

Edutainment day for children from Lekenik

The Foundation Nema predaje hosted children from SOS Children’s Village Lekenik this weekend in Zagreb and organized a day of fun for them!

19 children between the ages of 4 and 14 arrived in the capital city in the morning, accompanied by SOS moms, SOS aunts and village employees, and the starting point of their socializing was in Igrandia and Marsupia, the largest fun theme park where children can play in a safe environment and under under the supervision of professional staff, they can fully indulge in enjoyment.

Kids from Lekenik SOS village were welcomed by Dinamo’s lion mascot Plavko and Iggy Ziggy, who hosted this beautiful meeting. First on the schedule was a short football game of shooting the ball at the goal, at the end of which all the children received medals for their participation. This was followed by a creative workshop on making a football pitch, which was especially enjoyed by the little ones. The most interesting part of the stay in Igrandia was certainly enjoying and jumping on the attractions and trampolines, especially in “Kingdom”, a magnificent “inflatable” castle on 600m2. For the bravest, we prepared jumping on a bungee trampoline and a ride on the longest zipline in Zagreb, from which the children had an unforgettable view of the entire playground.

For a break and lunch, they pleasantly hosted us in the Foodie restaurant near Igrandia, and at the end of the socializing, we headed to the Maksimir stadium. The children were delighted by the size of the stadium, as well as being in a place they normally only see on television. We visited the press hall together with a fun reenactment of scenes from the press conference, as well as the main pitch, around which the children ran several laps of honor.

The Foundation decided to invite children from Lekenik to Zagreb for a fun and educational day, as part of the social solidarity programme.

We believe that the trip to Zagreb was pleasant and interesting for the children and employees of SOS Children’s Village, and that it will remain a beautiful memory that they will remember for a long time. The foundation would like to express its sincere thanks to the partners who participated in the implementation of the project with their donations – the Igrandia and Marsupia playhouse for the gift of tickets for all the children, the Foodie restaurant for the donation of lunch for the entire delegation, and the transport company Presečki, which donated the service of transporting children from the village to Zagreb.

SOS Children’s Villages care for children without parents and parental care, regardless of their racial, national and religious differences, providing them with love and security in a family environment, a permanent home and education for a happy and peaceful childhood.

The Nema Predaje Foundation and SOS Children’s Village have already cooperated before, when in 2021 a humanitarian auction of Dinamo players’ jerseys from the Dinamo – Villarreal Europa League quarter-final match was organized, from which the amount of 9.000,00 euros was donated for holiday tables and gifts for children in SOS Children’s village Lekenik and Ladimirevci.

– We are happy to have the opportunity to host children from SOS Children’s Village Lekenik in Zagreb for a fun and beautiful day. We believe that this way of their inclusion in the community, traveling together and socializing, fun and educational activities and some new experiences means something to them. We are also available in the future for new ideas and cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages, so this is certainly not the last action. The gathering was fantastic and we are looking forward to the next meetingIva Cigrovskij, president of the board of directors of the Nema predaja Foundation

– At SOS Children’s Villages, we try to build memories for children for a lifetime. The weekend spent in the organization of the No Surrender Foundation, the children certainly made good memories. With games and fun, our little ones felt like real football players, at least for one day. Running past Dinamo’s lawn was an experience to remember. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Dinamo Foundation for the wonderful continuation of cooperation – Mario Čović, director of SOS Children’s Village Lekenik