Zagreb: Konferencija za medije novog predsjednika Velimira Zajeca

Congratulations to President Zajec

At the Election Assembly of GNK Dinamo held on Sunday, March 10 2024 at the Maksimir Stadium, Mr. Velimir Zajec was elected as the new president of the club.

Hereby, we heartily congratulate Mr. Zajec, the legendary former player and coach of Dinamo, on his election as president.

We also send our congratulations to the newly elected vice-president of Dinamo, Mr. Dubravko Skender, also a member of the Executive Board and members of the new Executive Committee, namely Ivan Nauković, Frano Šušnjara, Mislav Ante Omazić, Tomislav Globan, Krešimir Mlinarić, Marijan Pojatina, Goran Kovačević, Zrinko Hržić and Večeslav Bergman.

The No Surrender Foundation has had great support since its foundation in the function of the Club’s President as Treasurer, and we believe that Mr. Zajec will also actively and devotedly support the work and activities of the Dinamo Foundation. For the last few years, we have been actively helping the community through various actions, donations and programs, and we are sure that the new president, the Assembly as the supreme body, and the Executive Board will support all the projects we implement with full confidence.

We would like to thank the previous president of the club, Mr. Mirko Barišić, for the great support he unreservedly provided to Dinamo’s foundation in recent years.