08.03.2024., Zagreb - Djecji nogometni turnir za djevojcice i djecake u organizaciji ZNK Dinamo i Zaklade Nema predaje naziva Zivim svoj san s ciljem promocije ravnopravnosti spolova i suzbijanja diskriminacije. Sudjeluje 100 djece, 50 djevojcica i 50 djecaka. Organizatori su NS Dinamo, ZNK Dinamo, a skole gosti su Ponikve, Savica, Gorica, Sesvetski Kraljevec.

Gender Equality Football Tournament

On the day when International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world, Women’s Football Club Dinamo and the GNK Dinamo Foundation ”Nema predaje” organized a promotional soccer tournament for girls and boys at Maksimir Stadium.

A total of about 90 young soccer players, by participating in the tournament called “LIVING MY DREAM”, sent a message about the importance of togetherness, equality and gender equality, not only on the soccer field but also in society in general.


Tournament organizer WFC Dinamo prepared an interesting tournament system on one of the fields of the Maksimir training complex with combined teams made up of girls and boys in several age categories. Part of the household also belonged to the Dinamo Football School, which participated with the boys’ team. The guests of the tournament this time were the football schools Sesvetski Kraljevec, Ponikve and Savica.

With a series of interesting matches and football actions and moves, there was a good atmosphere, FAIR PLAY, team play, positive competitive spirit and a lot of good fun and games on the field – which is the most important thing. The teams were made up of a combination of two girls and two boys each, and the elimination cycle from the initial games played simultaneously over the entire field eventually led to the grand final in the center of the lawn.

Although the tournament brought a winning team, this time all participants received equal prizes, without singling out anyone, because the winners for us were all participants in this beautiful football story – from young players to coaches and other people who participated in the implementation of the tournament.

The surprise guest at the end of the tournament was Dinamo’s first team player Luka Stojković, who cheered up the children, while the sportsing director of WFC Dinamo Marija Damjanović, coach and representative of Dinamo’s open school Milan Bošnjak, president of the board of directors of the Nema Predaje Foundation, Iva Cigrovskij, also attended the final ceremony.


For the first time on the occasion of this tournament, Women’s Day and the promotion of gender equality, two interesting characters met – the Dinamo lion mascot Plavko and the WFC Dinamo Lioness mascot. The cute meeting delighted the children present as well, who wanted to take a photo with the lion pair.

This is the second edition of the tournament, which will surely become a beautiful tradition at the Maksimir stadium and which we believe will motivate other clubs to undertake the same projects with the aim of promoting equality and gender equality.


– I am glad that the tournament was successful and that we organized it for the purpose of celebrating Women’s Day and promoting gender equality. We are happy that such a large number of girls gathered, that the weather helped us and that the day was celebrated in the right way. We invited clubs that are always in some kind of cooperation with us and come to all our activities. All the children got the same presents, that’s very nice. Thanks to the Foundation There is no doubt that it is organized so that every child receives a gift and the gifts are really nice. We encourage equality in every case. I have been in women’s football and in football in general for a long time and I do not see any difference other than the physical one that is noticeable between men and women. Girls and boys can play equally. – Marija Damjanović, director and head coach of WFC Dinamo

– We are glad that as a Foundation we supported this tournament “Living my dream”. The main goal was the promotion of gender equality, the suppression of discrimination and, above all, the promotion of equality. Girls and boys participated in combined teams, which is the most important thing, and one message was sent that differences in any sense are not important or crucial. Girls can play just as good football as boys and it is very important to encourage as many such actions and tournaments as possible to try to work together to promote equality and gender equality – Iva Cigrovskij, president of the board of directors of the Foundation ”Nema predaje”

Photo: Goran Stanzl/Pixsell