27.11.2023., Zagreb - Dodjele stipendija Zaklade Nema predaje. Ovom dogadjaju prisustvovali su predstavnici Dinama i Zaklade, kao i ovogodisnji ambasadori projekta igraci Arijan Ademi i Josip Misic.

Scholarships for 11 students

On Monday, November 27, in the Maksimir VIP box at the Maksimir stadium, the Foundation NEMA PREDAJE held the awarding of scholarships to pupils and students selected through a competition for the current school and academic year.

In a positive atmosphere and with a short interesting program, a total of 11 students from the Republic of Croatia received scholarships. During the next 10 months, scholarship recipients will receive financial support in the total amount of the scholarship of EUR 1,600.00 per person. The total fund of the foundation for this program is EUR 17,600.00.

While in the first edition the competition included only students and student athletes, this year we added a new category. In addition to the athletes, we also selected several scholarship holders in the category of socioeconomic criteria. We wanted to provide additional support and support through education and life through the scholarship for children of single parents or children residing in the Children’s Home.

The event was attended by the president of GNK Dinamo Mirko Barišić, president of the club’s board and manager of the foundation Vlatka Peras, member of the club’s board Danijel Tomačić, president of the board of directors of the foundation Iva Cigrovskij and member of the board of directors of the foundation Ivan Kelava. The awarding of scholarships was also attended by the head coach of Dinamo’s first team, Sergej Jakirović, players and ambassadors of the scholarship project, Arijan Ademi and Josip Mišić, as well as other respected partners, donors, guests and the media.


Adrian Macina (Pula) – 18 years old, member of the rowing club Istria from Pula, participated in the world junior championship near Paris, won seventh place, previously won numerous medals in rowing

Ida Filipčić (Zagreb) – 18 years old, goes to economics school, is a member of ŽRK Trešnjevka, wants to enter KIF and be in sports in the future

Lana Mađarić (Viljevo) – 18 years old, goes to the science and mathematics high school in Osijek, has been kickboxing for several years, has won numerous awards and medals in the last few years, loves the sport she plays, has big goals and a scholarship would help her with financing equipment and going to competitions

Dorja Blažič (Zagreb) – 20 years old, studies economics and management, is proud to be a purger, and her love for Dinamo was instilled in her by her father, practices fencing, has won numerous tournaments abroad, in 2017 she was killed on her way back from the Mediterranean championship in a traffic accident the accident of the Croatian national team, she was in hospital in Italy due to serious physical injuries, she had several operations, after everything she returned to the top sport and continued to achieve success, she is a candidate for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, where she would be the first woman in fencing in the history of Croatia , she would be proud to be a scholarship holder of the foundation

Hana Cvijanović (Zagreb) – 20 years old, is involved in figure skating, studies journalism, received the dean’s award in the first two years, she had a lot of injuries in 2023, unfortunately, but she does not want to give up her goals, last year she was also a scholarship recipient and it made it much easier for her to play sports

Fran Kmetić (Zagreb) – 19 years old, trains swimming, loves Dinamo from a young age, goes to matches with his dad, and if he wasn’t in love with swimming he would be a soccer player, he said that this scholarship might not be a big step for humanity, but it is a big one an important step in achieving its development

Matea Marinković (Zagreb) – 19 years old, studies medicine in Rijeka and plays ice hockey, has been in sports all his life, has a twin brother who also trains ice hockey, they both played at the WC 21/22. and they were the first male-female pair of twins who played for the national team at the World Cup in the same year, she loves football, the whole family supports Dinamo, she goes to matches with her brother and father, and she chose an academic career because she wants to become a doctor and help people



Bruno Živković (Zagreb) – 18 years old, studies computer science, has been swimming for 11 years, member of PK Novi Zagreb, last year he applied for a scholarship, but he missed a bit because of his grade point average, his dad passed on his love for Dinamo, sang to him is always Dinamo’s songs, today his sister and mother support him, he is proud to have become our scholarship recipient

Leon Vrdoljak (Ivanić Grad) – 18 years old, goes to the Slava Raškaj Education and Training Center in the 4th grade, majoring in locksmithing. He trained football, now he trains taekwondo in Orion from Sesvete. He is a big fan of Dinamo and is proud to have received a scholarship. Dynamo is his joy and comfort

Josip Gračić (Radovin Ražanac) – 17 years old, goes to an industrial engineering school, has very good grades in school, and plans to start an independent life when he finishes school and would use the scholarship for his driving test. He would be a car tinsmith by profession, so that would definitely help him in his future job.

Kristina Tomak (Karlovac) – 17 years old, her father traveled to matches in Zagreb, and she is a Dinamo cheerleader, her inspiration is that the team always emerges from defeat as a winner because it is only one of the steps to success. She entered the Faculty of Medicine so that she could help others. She trained in Krav Maga for four years, but she also had a lot of injuries. He is awaiting surgery and rehabilitation (cruciate ligaments). The father is retired and the scholarship would help them a lot financially. Dinamo always keeps her positive