Support Fair play – new edition

GNK Dinamo and the Foundation ”Nema predaje” present the third edition of the socially responsible campaign “Be a true fan – support fair play”! In the season 2023/24 we are continuing with a project that has several key goals. With the joint forces of the club, the foundation and the fans, we want to create as positive and safe an atmosphere at Dinamo matches, work together to reduce the use of pyrotechnics, racism and hate speech at football stadium, promote positive and correct cheering while also creating a safe environment in the stands and stadium. All of this with one additional mission – to help those in need.

CAMPAIGN 2023/24.

The campaign will be active at all home and away matches of Dinamo’s first team in the SuperSport HNL, SuperSport Cup competitions and at all UEFA competition matches. The club will allocate EUR 1,500.00 for each match (open to spectators) without fine fine fan behavior that includes the use of pyrotechnics, racism, hate speech and discriminationin competitions under Croatian Football Federation, while EUR 5,000.00 will be allocated for all matches without fine for the club due to fan behavior in UEFA competitions.

At the end of the campaign, the Foundation will donate the total allocated funds to organizations for children, disabled people and socially vulnerable groups. Fundraising process after each game in the 23/24 season you can follow through the counter on the campaign website

So far, two editions of the campaign have been successfully implemented, and since the beginning of the project in 2019, the implementation model is the same – Dinamo allocates certain funds for home and away matches in all competitions for each match that passes without fine for fan behavior that includes the use of pyrotechnics, racism, hate speech and discrimination. At the end of each half-season, the Nema Predaje Foundation donates these same funds to associations that care for children, young people and people with disabilities.

In the first edition in the season 2019/20 14 matches were recorded without a fine due to the behavior of fans, and Dinamo allocated 32.915,25 euros. In the second edition of the campaign in the 2022/23 season 14 matches were also recorded without fine, and the club allocated a total of 25.880,95 euros.

In addition to the total fund from previous campaigns, Dinamo and the Foundation Nema predaje donated the amount of 58.796,20 euros through tenders and with donations helped a total of 14 associations from all over Croatia.

For many years, Dinamo has been fighting for equality and positive behavior in football and society with its activities, as well as promoting the attitude that pyrotechnics, violence, racism and discrimination have no place in football and society.

The use of pyrotechnics is extremely dangerous and can endanger everyone present at a football match – fans, children, players, employees, media representatives, officials, or can cause injuries to any of the participants of the sports event. For this reason, we would like to invite all fans to cheer positively and behave positively at Dinamo matches in the new season.