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Foundation donated 266 000 Euro in total

In two years of active work, from December 2020 to December 2022, the Nema Predaje Foundation donated a total of HRK 1.960.000,00 or 266.000,00 EUR in a total of 39 actions, through 27 individual projects.

We sincerely thank all donors, friends and partners!

You can see the list of donations below.

HRK 20,000.00 Association of parents of children with developmental disabilities Vukovarski leptirići (speech therapy set for children’s therapy with the aim of reducing the waiting list in Vukovar)

HRK 30,000.00 Spinal injuries Zagreb (donation of an electric motor extension for wheelchairs for members of the association of people with disabilities)

HRK 40,000.00 World Roma Organization (organization of a football camp for girls and boys members of different nationalities and national minorities)

HRK 50,000.00 Dom nade – an association for the support of the homeless and the socially disadvantaged (donation of computers and preparation with the aim of empowering users to find employment, daily hygiene supplies)

HRK 60,000.00 Association of parents, children and persons with disabilities Little Prince (implementation of various sports activities for children with disabilities, training and activities without monetary compensation – swimming, football and other sports)

HRK 23,953.69 Residents of Čučerje (donation of food packages to families in Čučerje after the devastating earthquake)

HRK 100,000.00 Luka Ištvanić (monetary donation for the treatment of the son of club legend football player Slavko Ištvanić)

HRK 504,116.76 Village of Pecki (donation of 10 housing containers with furniture and sanitary facilities for families in the village of Pecki near Petrinja affected by the devastating earthquake)

HRK 87,375.00 Radimir Bobinac (donation of a housing container to a former Dinamo player after the earthquake in Banovina)

HRK 17,472.50 Rudi Belin (donation of electric wheelchairs to club legend)

HRK 45,365.67 Anto Joskić (donation of a new sports wheelchair to the Croatian wheelchair tennis champion)

HRK 3,750.00 Filip Jurić (donation of a laptop for the needs of home schooling for a boy with developmental disabilities)

HRK 19,965.50 Noel Rok (donation of a defibrillator for use at the Međimurje Faculty in Čakovec with the aim of preventing cardiac arrest)

HRK 20,850.00 Home for the elderly Ksaver (donation of necessary equipment for the health care laboratory for 270 users of the home for the elderly)

HRK 55,285.00 NK Prelošćica (renovation of the club building after the earthquake and donation of the team’s sports equipment)

HRK 24,950.00 Nino Baša (monetary donation for the needs of participating in tournaments for a young successful table tennis player in a wheelchair and donation of a new ping pong table for use by athletes of the URIHO institution)

HRK 29,750.85 Tvrtko Križić (donation of an electric extension for a wheelchair to a Dinamo fan)

HRK 248,262.50 Mia Lana Knezović (donation of a vehicle with a built-in wheelchair ramp to a girl from Vukovar, a family of Dinamo fans)

HRK 67,500.00 SOS Children’s Village Lekenik and Ladimirevci (donation of funds, toys for children on the occasion of the holidays)

HRK 100,000.00 Kiara Goršić (donation for the treatment of the girl Kiara Goršić)

HRK 16,361.20 ŽiR Association (donation of equipment for sensory and motor exercises for children with developmental disabilities)

HRK 8,784.23 Lovro Vaistina (donation of a new wheelchair to a young man with cerebral palsy to a Dinamo fan)

HRK 12,452.95 Shakhtar Football School (aid in the form of transport to Croatia and donation of sports equipment to children of football players and coaches from the Shakhtar academy to refugees from war-affected Ukraine)

HRK 20,000.00 Boxing club Boks Pula (holding the boxing tournament)

HRK 40,315.00 Anđelko Žagar (donation of an electric equipment for wheelchair to a Dinamo fan)

HRK 175,000.00 Scholarships for 10 students and student athletes (scholarships in the amount of HRK 17.500,00 or 2.320,00 EUR per person for 10 students who are successful in school and college, but are also top athletes in sports such as swimming, athletics, fencing, rowing , handball, football)

HRK 135,000.00 Donation to four associations – Be a true fan support fair play! campaign (allocation of donations to associations according to the Be a true fan support fair play! campaign).


HRK 50,000.00 – Association for the support of the homeless and other socially vulnerable persons Dom nade, the registered project “Let’s move on!”, whose goal is to increase the quality of life of the homeless and ensure the smooth functioning of the half-day stay for the homeless – room maintenance, equipment, hygiene supplies, daily care.

HRK 40,000.00 – Sveti Bartolomej Association of Persons with Disabilities, registered project “Football field for children with disabilities”, whose goal is to build a football field for children with disabilities so that children with disabilities have equal rights to participate in football and sports.

HRK 30,000.00 – Zamisli Association, registered project “Support to work”, whose goal is to encourage young people with disabilities to be included in the education system by holding workshops and lectures and educations that will give young people the opportunity for part-time engagement and providing their own services.

HRK 15,000.00 – Association of the Blind People Zagreb, registered project “Summer camp for blind skiers in Premantura”, whose goal is the integration of blind people into sports and society through the sports activities of users in the educational-rehabilitation camp for the blind Premantura, which gives blind and partially sighted people the opportunity to be safe and independent and included in society.