“Equal opportunities for all” donation

On Monday, December 12, in the Johann Franck cafe, a ceremonial awarding of donations to associations from the “Equal opportunities for all” competition was held as part of the Be a true fan support fair play! campaign, which is conducted by GNK Dinamo and the Nema Predaje Foundation.

The donations were handed over to the associations by the president of Dinamo Mirko Barišić, the manager of the foundation Vlatka Peras, member of the board of directors of the foundation Amra Peternel and member of the board of directors of the foundation Damir Najmenik with a joint photo at the end of the award.

Below is a list of donations:

1. HRK 50,000.00 – Association for the support of the homeless and other socially vulnerable persons, Dom nade, the registered project “Let’s move on!”, whose goal is to increase the quality of life of the homeless and ensure the smooth functioning of the half-day stay for the homeless – room maintenance, equipment, hygiene necessities, daily care.

2. HRK 40,000.00 – Association of persons with disabilities Sveti Bartolomej, registered project “Football field for children with disabilities”, whose goal is to build a football field for children with disabilities so that children with disabilities have equal rights to participate in football and sports.

3. HRK 30,000.00 – Zamisli Association, registered project “Support to work”, whose goal is to encourage young people with disabilities to be included in the education system by holding workshops and lectures and training that will give young people the opportunity for part-time engagement and providing their own service.

4. HRK 15,000.00 – Association of the Blind Zagreb, registered project “Summer camp for blind skiers in Premantura”, the goal of which is the integration of blind people into sport and society through the sports activities of users in the educational-rehabilitation camp for the blind Premantura, which provides blind and partially sighted people it gives them the opportunity to be safe and independent and included in society.


Dinamo and the Nema predaje Foundation launched the 2nd edition of the Be a true fan support fair play! campaign this season. The club and the foundation want to work together with the fans to reduce the use of pyrotechnics in the stadium and to create a safe and positive atmosphere in the stadium and through a charity character to help those who need help the most.

For this reason, for every match for which the club does not receive a penalty from CFF or UEFA for fan behavior that includes the use of pyrotechnics, racism, hate speech, Dinamo allocates financial resources. We allocate HRK 10,000 for each domestic competition match, and EUR 5,000 for each UEFA match. In this way, the club wants to show that instead of fines for pyrotechnics, the funds can be used in a much more useful way. In the first part of the season, the club allocated a total of HRK 135,000 for this campaign, and donated that amount to a foundation that opened a public call for donations.

The areas of work for which associations could apply for projects are:

– Human rights (suppression of racial discrimination, protection of the rights of the homeless, social solidarity, integration of persons with disabilities)
– Education and support for the development of children and young people (support for the education of children and young people with disabilities)

The foundation received a total of 17 applications, and after evaluating each application, the board of directors selected four associations in accordance with the criteria established in the competition.

Photo: Pixsell/Marko Prpić, Matija Habljak/GNK Dinamo