Donation to a Dinamo fan

It is difficult to single out a Dinamo match at the Maksimir Stadium, but also closer “city” away games where Tvrtko Križić was not present. The big Dinamo fan has been attending the matches of the blue team in all weather conditions, on the hottest and coldest days, in victories and defeats. Even when the interest in the matches was higher, and when it was lower, Tvrtko has always been, together with several other most loyal fans, at the Maksimir Stadium.

People with disabilities, especially persons who use wheelchairs, still, unfortunately, do not have equal opportunities in our society and equal access to all institutions, all services; opportunities are still not equal for everyone. In the last few years, Dinamo has been intensively integrating persons with disabilities into football and improving access for people with disabilities: from the services at the stadium, ticket registration, personal access to each fan, so it is logical to continue the Foundation’s work in this area.

In order to make it easier for the Dinamo fan to move in his wheelchair, and to do business because he has to travel from home to work across the whole city, but also for leisure activities and coming to matches, the Foundation decided to help by donating an electric wheelchair extension worth HRK 29,800.00.

– I cannot describe with words how happy I am for this donation because the electric wheelchair extension will improve my life greatly. I am especially happy because Dinamo is my life and my greatest love. All praise to the Foundation “Nema predaje” for all the work and for all the donations. I would like to invite all people of good will to support the work of the Foundation so that they can help as many people as possible. I can’t wait for the match against Genk, I’m definitely coming to the match – said Tvrtko after the handover of the donation.

We believe that with this extension, it will be easier for Tvrtko to come to matches and attend activities in general as part of social integration, as well as to go to work.


Foto: Pixsell/Igor Kralj/GNK Dinamo