Zagreb, 13.04.2021 - Rudi Belin posjetio nogometase Dinama na treningu

Donation for Rudi Belin

One of the best players in the history of GNK Dinamo, Rudolf Belin, visited the Dinamo’s team in the last training session before the trip to Spain.

With a celebratory raised hand, with a wide smile and strong optimism, Belin expressed full support to his successors and gave a short encouraging speech in which he revealed his sincere faith that this generation has the real strength and quality. His visit pleasantly surprised Dinamo’s team and professional staff and brought an additional dose of optimism before an important match.

Recently, the GNK Dinamo Foundation “Nema predaje” donated a new electric wheelchair to club legend Rudi Belin to help him ease the health problems he is facing. With that, Dinamo and the foundation told their Rudi that they are always there for him.


Foto: Ronald Goršić/CROPIX