Radimir Bobinac : “Smile on the face and faith in the further life”

It wasn’t exactly a train in the snow, but it was a truck in the mud. Luckily, in the end everyone could sing: “When little hands are put together, everything is possible…” On this occasion, just like in the Croatian popular song from our old film classic, a joint action came to life to help a friend, colleague, neighbor, former teammate… There were “many hands” that helped in the demanding action of delivering and setting up a container.

The Foundation “Nema predaje” donated temporary accommodation to a former GNK Dinamo player, Radimir Bobinac, whose house in Petrinja was damaged by a series of strong earthquakes.

The initiators of the story are his former teammates from the junior and senior days at GNK Dinamo: Damir Fučkar, Marko Mlinarić, Mladen Munjaković, Stjepan Deverić, Gordan Mohor, Krešimir Bronić, Srećko Lušić, Slavko Mikac, Ismet Karabašić, Krešo Vrbančić, Kruno Ivezić, Miroslav Drljača , Marjan Gorički, Predrag Krpan, Mladen Zebić, Davorin Babić, Gordan Kranjc, Mario Hvalec…

They approached the Foundation as a group of former GNK Dinamo players with intention to help former teammate, former junior and member of the first team whose house was destroyed in the devastating earthquake.

Bobinac spent eight years at GNK Dinamo as a junior and then as a member of the first team, from 1974. to 1982. On his house in Petrinja the walls cracked, the roof was damaged, the chimney collapsed, there are no heating and no conditions for life at the moment. Repairs and reconstruction are not possible until further notice due to frequent earthquakes in that area.

All this, of course, is difficult and hard to endure mentally . Therefore, the Foundation “Nema predaje”, at the initiative of former Dinamo players, donated a container for temporary accommodation.

These are my teammates, this is my club Dinamo – Bobinac said with strong emotion and a tear in the corner of his eye, watching the whole action of placing the containers, and continued:

A beautiful gesture… this is a gesture that cannot be forgotten. Thank you.  This situation really brings a smile back to my face and faith in the further life. I would especially like to thank the gentlemen from GNK Dinamo and the Foundation “Nema predaje”. Thank you so much. No crying, not a chance, this is a happy day.

– We never gave up. Right? – Marko Mlinarić added with pride.

– This means a lot to me and thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you, and to the guys who remembered me and started the whole story. Special thanks to GNK Dinamo and the Foundation “Nema predaje”, you all helped my wife and me to get through this difficult period more easily. I just hope that we will hang out more often because I am very glad to see you all.

Former GNK Dinamo captain Marko Mlinarić was especially touched.

– I am glad to have seen our Bobi and I am very proud that we reacted in such a way, from all teammates to the club and the foundation itself. GNK Dinamo systematically shows that it is much more than a sports club through humanitarian activities. Especially by establishing the Foundation that, among other things, helps former players. This means a lot to him and shows that we are together and that we take care of each other which is extremely important in these difficult times. You can see for yourself how happy we were to see each other after a long time, to talk and, regardless of the difficult circumstances, to manage to evoke beautiful memories and have a good laugh. I wish our Bobi good luck.