Promotion of the Foundation

On Tuesday, the 3rd of November, the GNK Foundation “Nema predaje” was presented at the Maksimir stadium.

The official foundation of the Croatian champion is now active. All fans and interested people or organizations willing to do charity work and promote equality and equal possibilities can join the foundation.

The Foundation “Nema predaje” was presented at a ceremonial promotion in accordance with epidemiological measures, while the program was broadcast live at Dinamo’s YouTube channel.

The club has been successfully implementing numerous socially responsible projects and activities for many years, thus systematically working on socially responsible business.

From self-initiated activities and programs, participation in projects at the local and national level designed by football, health and other institutions, to involvement in international projects initiated by leading football organizations such as UEFA, CAFE, ECA and others.


The guests and viewers were addressed by the President of GNK Dinamo Mirko Barišić and the Foundation CEO Vlatka Peras, with a symbolic giving of the check at the end of the promotion. To start the foundation’s work and for the purpose of implementing all programs and activities, GNK Dinamo donated one million kuna.

– GNK Dinamo has been very active in the humanitarian and social field so far and we performed tasks we faced with a lot of success. This makes us especially happy because it is an organized approach, nurturing those values ​​which are beneficial to the whole community. So far, we won 60 trophies, which is a staggering number. I have to say that this act of founding the foundation is a new medal and a new trophy, equal to almost all the trophies we have won. We will try to fulfill the purpose of the foundation – the president of the club Mirko Barišić said at the promotion.

The club believes that football should be available to everyone, not only to athletes but also to employees and fans, regardless of skin color, nationality, religion, gender. The Foundation CEO, Vlatka Peras, shared her thoughts on this.


– The purpose of the foundation is to make football available to everyone and for everyone to have equal possibilities in football and in sport. Through tenders and donations, the Foundation will help those who need help the most, while also having some new ideas and initiatives which will be released to the public in time.

GNK Dinamo has received plenty of recognitions in Europe. What are you especially proud of?

That’s right, GNK Dinamo has been implementing numerous activities for many years; we are working on ending discrimination and racism, promoting sports and a healthy way of life, projects which include people with disabilities. That’s actually what our foundation is based on. What makes us especially proud is the fact that our club’s work has been recognized in Croatia and in Europe, which keeps us motivated to keep moving forward. I invite everyone who loves Dinamo and wants to do charity work to support the Foundation “Nema predaje”.

At the end of the formal part, there was a symbolic giving of the donation in the amount of one million kuna, as well as cake cutting to mark the successful start of the work of the foundation.

The promotion was held in accordance with epidemiological measures. It was attended by the Foundation CEO Vlatka Peras, the President of the Board of Trustees Krešimir Antolić and the members of the Board of Trustees Amra Peternel, Iva Cigrovskij, Damir Krznar and Damir Najmenik, as well as the members of the governing bodies of the GNK Dinamo, the representatives of the Croatian Football Federation, former Dinamo players, commissioners, club sponsors and the representatives of the media.

The purpose of the Foundation is promoting the development of football by providing support to young and talented players, former players, fans, and supporting members, as well as by providing help to people with social, health, charity and other needs based on the principle of social solidarity.

Scope of activities of the Foundation:

  • charity activities
  • financial and other assistance to socially disadvantaged individuals
  • promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle
  • integration of people with disabilities into football and society
  • combating stereotypes and discrimination on any grounds
  • promotion of equality and equity
  • activities of importance for the club and the local community



Since the promotion of the foundation, donations through the foundation’s website have become active, and some of the guests, immediately at the promotional event, decided to support the programs and the work of the foundation with independent donations.

We invite all fans to visit the section on the “DONATIONS” page to find out how they can join the foundation.